We believe that a community is only as strong as the vision it was built on. It takes insight. And foresight. And a desire to make not just places to live ... but better places to live. In other words, places like Great Park Neighborhoods.

At FivePoint, our passion is creating great communities. Ones that connect residents with businesses; educators with schools; seniors with young people; artists, entertainers and athletes with innovators; and neighbors with each other. We design communities in a way that encourages people to form relationships with friends and colleagues in parks and corner markets, cafés, transit stations, schools and offices. In a world that is ever changing, FivePoint strives to build communities that adapt, continuously offering a quality of life focused on what really matters: family, friends and shared success and happiness.

Across coastal California, FivePoint is delivering its special brand of community development as the largest mixed-use, master plan builder. Our communities share a mission to improve infrastructure and mobility for the cities we build in; provide multigenerational homes with amenity-rich parks and preserved open spaces; and deliver a blend of office, retail and commercial where innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises rise and thrive. Through this process, we create thousands of new jobs; generate vital tax revenues and economic activity for our public partners and the municipalities we serve; and deliver sorely needed social benefits, such as affordable housing for families and seniors. We are committed at FivePoint to the success of our communities.

In the end, a great community is not complete without people who are passionate about where they learn, play, and work. We understand this part of the puzzle because it is how we want to live. It is why we at FivePoint love what we do and why we are committed every single day to deliver on our promise of a better California.

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Over 1 million square feet of office space. Thousands of employees. And one very short commute, if you live in the Great Park Neighborhoods. This is where that whole work/life balance thing starts. What could you do with all that time not spent in traffic?

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