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WELCOME TO THE GREAT PARK NEIGHBORHOODS. A community of beautiful new homes on tree-lined streets, designed to celebrate the very best of Irvine. With a focus on family and friends. Personal health and well-being. Walking and biking. The bounty of nature and food fresh from the garden. Top-ranked public schools. And this is just the beginning…

The Big Picture
In Irvine, around the perimeter of the Orange County Great Park, there is a new kind of community taking shape. A collection of unique neighborhoods joined together by walking and biking trails, which will eventually take you to the Irvine Transportation Center. With a mix of shops, schools, offices and parks - all close to home. Anchored in the values of Irvine, but designed to enrich your life in a variety of innovative ways. Click here to see a map.

More homes. More fun. More ways to get outside. Beacon Park, the second of the Great Park Neighborhoods opens summer 2015 with an even greater variety of architecture and home collections. Another great place is about to take root at Great Park Neighborhoods and we’re excited to share it with you.

- Marcel Proust

The vision is complete – the final homes at Pavilion Park are almost sold out. Thank you to all the residents and everyone who believes in the deeper meaning of community. Sure, it’s an award-winning neighborhood, but it’s the people who call this place home that make the real difference. So come out, experience the difference. Visit Pavilion Park today.

Beacon Park Homes
15 new home collections are coming to Beacon Park this summer. These collections will offer a diverse style of architecture and an expanded product array to appeal to a larger audience of homebuyers. This American Heritage style is an eclectic, colorful mix of various influences from across the United States with the flexibility to accommodate families of all sizes (and all generations).

OPUS Luxury Flats Approx. 1,771 - 2,382 sq. ft. Opening Early 2016
ROWLAND Townhomes Approx. 1,661-2,076 sq. ft. from the mid $600,000s
BRIO Single Story Flats Approx. 1,465-1,963 sq. ft. from the high $600,000s
PRIMROSE Courtyard Condominiums Approx. 1,657-2,034 sq. ft. from the high $600,000s
HARPER Single Family Detached Condominiums Approx. 1,693-2,019 sq. ft. from the mid $700,000s
ELLWOOD Single Family Detached Homes Approx. 2,081-2,230 sq. ft. from the high $700,000s
WELTON Detached Condominiums Approx. 2,172-2,650 sq. ft. from the high $800,000s
MELODY Single Family Detached Condominiums Approx. 2,321-2,774 sq. ft. from the high $900,000s
OAKMONT Single Family Residences Approx. 2,524-3,064 sq. ft. from the low $1,000,000s
LARKSPUR Single Family Homes Approx. 2,165 - 3,160 sq. ft. from the low $1,000,000s
JUNIPER Single Family Residences Approx. 2,897-3,242 sq. ft. from the low $1,000,000s
SILVERMIST Single Family Homes Approx. 2,787-4,002 sq. ft. from the $1,000,000s
ROSEMONT Single Family Homes Approx. 1,901-3,020 sq. ft. from the $1,000,000s
TORREY Single Family Residences Approx. 3,314-3,836 sq. ft. from the $1,400,000s
LEGEND Single Family Homes Approx. 4,329-4,687 sq. ft. from the high $1,000,000s

For information on either neighborhood, visit the Pavilion at Pavilion Park. Located at the intersection of Irvine Boulevard and Ridge Valley, just east of Sand Canyon Avenue. (Look for the trees.)

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